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Website Concept

July | 2016

Imagina Gaming approached IPOINT INT Ltd. for the creation of their website. Imagina Gaming is a young company that delivers cutting edge solutions, casino operations, game development, and online payments, so our creative team was very excited to be able to take care of a client who wanted an innovative website.

The website design was created around Imagina Gaming's original way of thinking, and so this gave our designers a great way to express their creativity. Our developers were equally challenged in the creation of this website with all the innovative features used.

Main Logo Animation

A professional logo was required for what the vision of the company meant. The logo represents a launching rocket and is also a looping animation intended a website preloader.

Imagina website Tablet
Homepage Graphic Workflow

A bright palette was used throughout the website which sets the tone for the service provided by the company. The company's professionalism resonates across the entire picture.

Imagina website Phone
Mobile Experience

The well-crafted user experience used throughout the whole website creation was carried forward also onto the small screens making sure that mobile users would get the same quality level the computer users were getting.

Imagina website frames
Imagina website How it Works Animation
How it Works Interactive Functionality

The execution detail of the section "HOW IT WORKS" from design to function, was of extreme importance as the right message needed to be sent to the audience of Imagina Gaming's unique working process. The right balance between aesthetics and function enabled us to create the correct balance between an animated visual process that moves and changes, while still explaining all the four steps of the process clearly.

Imagina website frames
Imagina website error artwork
Imagina website How it Works Animation
Technology Interactive Functionality

For IPOINT's team, one of the most challenging parts of the website was to find a way to explain both visually and interactively a seemingly tedious process to the audience.

This was achieved by creating a mobile visual concept that lets the user interact with and choose to visually explain both parts by merely moving the cursor left or right, exposing and revealing the visual or technicalities under the hood.

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