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Stand Design and Project Management


Helio Gaming is a Malta-based company that gives its partners innovative solutions and an edge in the fiercely competitive gaming sector. In 2019, Helio Gaming was looking to put on an astonishing display at the ICE Exhibition. Having worked with us previously, they trusted us to take care of their exhibition, acquiring our complete service which included Stand Conceptualization, Branding, Project Management and Stand Construction.

As per our usual process, the project started with a back-and-forth exchange of ideas with the client until our expectations were aligned together. We proposed two directions to choose from, where one was within the client’s budget and the other one was slightly above the budget. This helped our client to have a better vision of how they can get the most out of this exhibition.

The stand featured a techy and upbeat design with modern styled clean and crisp-looking furniture that perfectly matched the vibe. It included a closed area for formal meetings and an open area at the front suitable for resting and casual conversations. The overall structure of the stand was a perfect fit for the client’s exhibition needs.

Helio Stand Design
3/4 VIEW

Before moving on to the construction phase, we prepared thoroughly planned blueprints of the stand containing every functional and structural detail. It contained all the information the client needed in pursuit of understanding what they would get after the final construction. The stand can be seen from different angles in the blueprints.

Helio Stand Design
Helio Stand Design
Helio Stand Design
Wall Designs

The graphics featured on the wall were an important part of the branding because they transcended the message of the company to the people passing by. The graphics and the elements needed to be well-chosen and well-positioned on the wall for effective branding, which we managed to do quite well because of our experience in this area.

Helio Stand Design
Helio Stand Design
3D visuals

We created high-quality and in-depth 3D renderings of the stand that helped us and the client to gain a better understanding of what would be achieved in real life. These visuals helped put the whole project in perspective and gave us the ability to make necessary corrections and adjustments that wouldn’t be possible to make after the construction. For this reason, we have made 3D Conceptualization a compulsory part of our working process.

Helio Stand Design
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