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Website Development

June | 2014

Apcopay is Malta’s leading payment service provider working in different spheres of the country, including the iGaming and eSports industry. After becoming the go-to payment solution brand in Malta, they wanted to increase their focus abroad where they wanted to compete better with other payment brands. To up the ante, Apcopay wanted to equip their brand with a website that would rightfully showcase the quality and integrity of their product to an international audience.

Keeping our client’s goal in mind, we took the challenge to build a website capable of competing on a global scale. Filled to the brim with bespoke graphics, swift animations and modern features, this website is custom coded to stand as a statement of our client’s prestigious reputation.

UX Wireframe

The website design included multiple wireframes, each of which was designed from the ground up with our experience to ensure maximum conversion rate. The challenge was to bridge the gap between the client’s intention and the users' intuition. In the end, we came up with layouts that let the users discover Apcopay’s features, services, offers and news with the least amount of effort.

apcopay colors apcopay ui

The website design colours were acquired from brand colours with additional tints and shades. The right colour contrast was maintained between elements to ensure clear visibility and ease of accessibility. The combination of two main colours, teal and yellow, provided a playful yet professional look to the design.




Semi Bold





The icons were custom made with the brand and website design in mind. Each icon was created to provide as many graphic details as possible without being overly complicated, to help with effortless navigation. The swift animation helped draw attention while making the interaction with the users more lively.

Apcopay Travel
Apcopay Gaming and Esports
Gaming and eSports
Apcopay Services
Apcopay Retail
Apcopay Transport
Apcopay Forex and Crypto
Forex and Crypto

Custom graphics and illustrations were drawn and animated for the website. Aside from the style and fun factor, the illustrations also contribute as visual explanations for Apcopay’s features, services and the verticals they work in. A good balance between quality, animation and speed-to-load was maintained in the graphics.


As one of the most important parts of web design, the user interface can make or break the deal. That’s why our web designers paid extra attention to vetting out an interface that would work best for the Apcopay brand. We custom created a graphics-based interface that’s clean, easy on the eye and gives the full picture with minimal words.

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