Apco Tech

Security, Automation and Self-service



May | 2020

Apco Tech is a brand that provides industry-specific hardware for security, automation and self-service. Being in the state of the art security equipment business, they needed an advanced website capable of matching their high standard of service.

The client was already familiar with our work from the website that we developed for their sister brand, Apcopay. Being assured of the quality of our work, they entrusted us with the development of their website.

We put in the time to understand the client’s needs. Careful attention was given in every step of the way. The end result was a cutting-edge website that exudes capability, seriousness and efficiency, all of which are synonymous with Apco’s brand image.

Explore the website - https://www.apco.tech/

Apco Tech - Homepage


The homepage was designed to provide an overview of Apco Tech’s services, allowing the visitors to easily find what they need. Featured products and services are displayed in a carousel view, below the header area. Primary product categories and other useful information are displayed in separate sections of the page.

Apco Tech - Product Pages
Product Pages

We wanted to make every click meaningful for the users. When browsing the products, we wanted the users to feel well-attended. All necessary elements were added to the product page, such as the product details, recommendation section, contact form for customer enquiries, and more.


All icons on the website are custom created. The design is made to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Every icon was outlined to communicate the proper meaning and help with faster navigation. Primary brand colours were chosen to compose the icons.

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