Websites have during the years evolved from small brochure websites to large online systems meant to do a lot more than what meets the eye. Having now done it all, our experience has moulded us into being able to capture the correct balance between function and aesthetics, allowing users to have the best technologically possible experience one can dream to obtain. UX/UI, well-crafted animations combined with clean and functional code enable us to brush the edge of what is technologically possible, making every single website a true experience, a unique work of art, branded under the name IPOINT INT. Nothing, literally nothing stops us to achieve what we dream of! If there is no way, we will build a way that leads the path to success.

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UX/UI (Responsive Design Animations)

User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are equally important parts of a well-crafted website. The depth we religiously get into is nothing short of extraordinary. Mapping the interaction a user has with a website, product or a service page is vital and requires rigorous processes. How each element of the page is designed & positioned helps convey the look-and-feel of the page. Everything is meticulously crafted around the user's experience.


E-commerce is vast, from the creation of the shop, custom-built or template-based, to the integration of the payment gateway of choice, consulted from our side or chosen by the client, no stone is left unturned to make sure that both the client & the users are rewarded with a hiccup-free process, simple & intuitive, yet robust at the core. Function, security & speed are all high in our agenda giving peace of mind to all our E-commerce clients.

Custom Coding

IPOINT is synonymous with quality! We pride ourselves to create nothing less than the best experience, therefore, it's never enough for us to highlight the endless benefits of custom development, which will always give a staple of quality & safety over any template or plugin available. Custom coding allows us to precisely give our clients what is required, the way it best fits the needs without any extra fluff which tends to mean nothing & inflate the cost.

Third-party Integrations

Many times, the job at hand requires third-party integrations to enhance the users' experience. APIs normally simplify this integration process. However, other times, when APIs are not available, we simply create the required processes in-house. For us, creativity is not only defined through aesthetics but also equally measured through coding & overall clever solutions. We have never shied away from a challenge! Experience is what we bring on the table!

SEO Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has over the years grown into a dedicated and ongoing process; SEO helps fuel constant and quality traffic towards a website. We understand how vital it is for a website to be available and seen just like a shop in a high-street. We have you covered as all our websites, large or small as they can be, are all coded and prepared with basic-SEO for free as part of the package, integrated with the most important SEO tools available.


Newsletters have become an art to create! It is a simple tool to communicate with the clients yet such a technical one which we have grasped & understood down to a science. We are results-oriented, this allows us to concretely produce a newsletter structured around learned results that allow us to move users from the newsletter to the right pages where traffic can be funneled, monitored, & drilled down to the page that converts leads into revenue.

Maintenance & Support

After a website is ready and launched it is of vital importance for us to keep monitoring the website. We tailor our Maintenance and Support packages based on how critical the website is for the business and how large and complex the website is. Security, nowadays is even more important than ever before, with increasing threats from hackers and responsibilities bestowed on us by the recent introduction of the GDPR, nothing is more important than making sure to maintain constant stability and quality over time effectively increasing the shelf-life of a website just like any other precious belonging.

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