For events, we can take care of the conceptualisation of 3D spaces, up to the construction of the booth, and management of the project. We have over the years crafted to perfection a process that not only is aimed to give the desired quality but also aimed at giving you the peace of mind expected. We know how busy you guys are, trust me, we do! We are there with you hand-holding you throughout making sure the experience is nothing short of positive and memorable, effectively leaving you to focus on what you do best. We love to be challenged, and always seek to give our booths that wow-factor that makes each stand memorable within the budgets permissible.

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3D Stand

We know our work very well, so much so that we do not put limits as to how much the design gets updated. We know how much events mean to you, we want to make sure that the stand concept is a mirror of your company identity, making sure to instill a sense of assurance that the very best has been achieved. We do this by providing more than one concept that allows us to visually explore all possibilities. A decision is never blindly taken with us!



Branding is as important to us as it is to you. We are, after all, a branding fampany! We bring years of experience on the table which allows us to ask the right questions, understand the company’s values & execute a design that will be explicit, both in style as well as in the message. We know what works to turn a design into an outstanding & memorable experience that will leave a discussion trail long after the event is over.


Project Management

There when needed the most, throughout the whole journey & beyond, until the event is over. Answering all the questions that arise during the process, making sure the result is to the standard agreed on. We are always there communicating all that is happening, the results, milestones, the challenges, & deadlines, effectively keeping you always in the loop, taking the burden off your shoulder, and allowing you to focus on your busy schedule.



Large or small, we have done it all! Within Europe or farther away, we are there offering the same quality our clients have experienced throughout the years. We love to be challenged for our creativity, finding solutions to seemingly impossible conundrums. We are always challenging ourselves with new ideas that push the boundaries of what is possible. Partnering with the very best, we never shy away from our ideas, no matter how outrageous they look on paper!


Other than that, we can help clients out with other collateral needs they may have such as:

  • Merchandising / giveaways - Helping our clients with the right branded product that captures and leaves a tangible mark. No matter if you are seeking a functional high-end, quality gadget aimed at the few, or a simple, yet useful product that can easily be given to the mass. We got you covered and well branded.
  • Branded apparel - If you are seeking to brand your team for that extra professional touch that screams quality and ensures your customers identify your staff, we can help in giving you the right clothing with the perfect branding, be it a simple embroidered logo or a full printed graphic.
  • Design for print - Given the extensive knowledge we have in branding, rest assured that we have your back! From a high-end, well-crafted brochure meant to impress or a last-minute, well-designed leaflet aimed at spreading awareness to the mass, we are here for you.
  • Printing of what is designed - Any job, be it designed internally or provided by your designer, we can handle the printing on your behalf. Not only do we provide the expertise required in guiding you, but we will also make sure all is delivered in good order right at your stand. A few business cards, a company brochure or rollup banners are all typical items that are constantly being requested.
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