Software, online bespoke application moulded precisely around your needs to minimise time and expenditures, whilst crafted to simplify the processes and increasing revenue or simply perform procedures impossible for a human being to perform in such a short time. Our experience extends from platforms reading from a front-end website delivering insight, management, and analytics to complex and robust eco-systems that manage events automating processes in pursuit of simplicity whilst detailed and intricate to perform when needed.

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UX/UI is of profound importance to us when we engage in bespoke software creation. It is pivotal that the experience a user gets, be it a customer or an employee, is nothing short of a meaningful experience. Think how hard it has become to turn a lead into a sale, & now think what value should be given to a new customer or a valued employee. Retainership, in this case, is measured also by the value custom build software leaves on the user.

Bespoke custom solutions

Coding from the ground up, has always nurtured creativity and productivity unlike any other pre-packaged solution available. It opens up unparalleled opportunities to control the overall outcome of an online bespoke product that aims to produce the right balance of needed functions and capabilities at the budget available. With a superb scaling and growth opportunities never possible before. Bespoke allows us to build the imaginable and unimaginable.

CMS (Content Management System)

A content management system (CMS), is a common way used to update a website. Though there are a plethora of CMSs available out there, situations dictate having a personal & bespoke CMS built to ensure a higher level of safety & control. If you are in need for granular control, there will be nothing quite like a custom-built CMS to manage your website. Such systems, do not require costing an arm & a leg, & can save you money in the long run


Custom Relationship Management systems are a valuable tool to have when dealing with clients, especially when keeping track of a multitude of processes happening at one go. If you need peace of mind, & an endless, bespoke function-rich online system, then we can help you retain & increase your customers and instill a simple, yet powerful & positive experience that travels wide. Our custom-built CRMs are built to retain clients and earn you money!

Data Management systems

An internet-based platform helps to control and manage data flowing into it via a website or other cloud-based systems. A platform is an extremely helpful tool that provides unparalleled insight from a given source, gives clarity to the data and increases productivity exponentially. There is simply no match, no room for error when a custom platform is created or connected to your online world. Be freed and be there where needed the most to grow your company.

Project Management

Having more than a decade of experience, not only with understanding a brief, but also into ensuring it is well translated into good quality design and coding, we are able to use proven learnt skills into helping clients who are finding it difficult to communicate with any third-party, effectively we are able to advise you on the best possible practices to help resolve or to streamline a process in an efficient and proficient way that minimises stress and lets you focus on what you do best.


Evenio is our flagship registration system that is simple enough to be implemented and used immediately with minimal integration effort of integration, yet complex enough to give much required speed and robustness when needed. Our on the cloud software has all the must-have functions required to register attendees directly onto your website, issue invoices and tickets, badge creation and on-the-day verification of purchase. Used by many small and large known events makes Evenio a safe and much needed tool to enhance your in-person events.

Online Platform

Evenio comes ready with an online platform used to monitor attendees’ registrations, their purchased ticket types, invoices and much more. Allows modification drill-down to the single user and helps to monitor and resolve easily all issues attendees have. Create and edit Ticket Plans and much more. Get in touch now for a demo!

Online Form - that connects to the client's own website

The integration of our Evenio registration form is quick and straightforward for us to install onto your own website. We even have added options to either use as is or to customise the internal fields and options to have it branded in line with your own brand.

Online Payment Integration

Our system can be easily integrated with any payment provider of your choice. Evenio has been developed to support any demands needed to ensure that the payment process simply works.

Automatic invoice and ticket issuing

Within the Evenio online system, we have automated processes to help minimise human intervention whilst maximising productivity. Such processes ensure a mistake-free environment that effectively diminishes clients’ requests to modify their data.

Reception system for ticket verification and badge printing

Evenio has you covered till the end. During the event, Evenio has built-in features that are built to help verify users before they enter the in-person event. In less than a second, a ticket gets scanned and verified, then a badge gets issued and printed on the spot directly communicating with the printer being used.

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