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Keyvisual Characters Design

May | 2019

Vertibus wanted to enforce its brand awareness, so they reached out to us to make it happen. We decided, together with the client, to create a Vertibus mascot. Three characters were created for the client to choose from. The mascot needed to be easily associated not only with what Vertibus do but how they do it!

All the character names the team came up started with a V - Victor, Vincenzo & Mr. Victory. An engineer, a technical person, and a superhero. All had distinct character properties which resonated with the already present and strong Vertibus brand. At the end Victor, the nerdy engineer shined above all others!

Victor Character animation

Victor is the engineer of the lot! He evokes precision and detail. A nerdy look, with a passion for lifts and finding solutions to complex challenges. That is our Victor!

Victor Character Sketch
Vincenzo Character animation

Vincenzo is a technical, hands-on person. Friendly, charming, full of enthusiasm, strong and muscly, always readily available to help out clients in need and never shies away from the work required. He is our team player!

Vincenzo Character Sketch
Mr. Victory Character animation
Mr. Victory

Mr. Vicotry is our superhero, fully fitted in a superhero costume. There when needed most. Representing the upgrades Vertibus had undergone when installing lift screens which with the touch of a button, communicate with the central station for immediate assistance. Mr. Victor is a fully-fledged superhero who is there to help you ASAP.

Mr. Victory Character Sketch
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