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Game and elements design

July | 2017

IPOINT INT Ltd. was commissioned to create a pirate game graphical assets. Of course, this was very exciting news for our team of creatives as it gave us a different take from the routine of our workday. Thanks to the structure of our company there is no creative job that we cannot handle. The style adopted for the graphic assets is slightly cartoonish. Our responsibilities were to create the style, graphics, and animations all off which were outputted and handed over to the client’s development department and inserted in the game by their team.

Game view
Main Screen

When it came to the main screen graphic asset design the focus was all on the central skull area. This also included typical pirate elements such as canons, swords, and the helm. The skull itself features the classic pirate gold teeth, black eye patch, head wrap, and hat.


Icon details and their animations, requested for the slot game, were created in a semi-realistic manner. Pirate themed objects were created such as the canon balls, rum bottle, and the black mark. All the icons were uniquely animated.

Winners Chest

The winner’s chest represented the iconic pirate’s treasure chest as the ultimate goal - in this case winning the slot game. As with all the graphic assets created for the game, the process starts with sketching, moves onto the actual drawing of the object, which is then finally animated.

Slot Game Win Animation
Slot Game Win Screen
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