Malta Gaming Awards Trophy

World's iGaming Festival


2019 Sigma Awards Trophy

October | 2019

SiGMA wanted to redesign its trophy for its 2019 Malta Gaming Awards. Being the current official designers and knowing how analytical we are in our creating processes, they entrusted us with this job. The deadline was very tight but we made sure we delivered on time.

Malta Gaming Awards

The Malta Gaming Awards is an extravagant awards gala rewarding leading players in the iGaming industry in a celebration of achievement. It shines a spotlight on some of the most intriguing and creative projects that change the face of the iGaming sector.


Several concepts were presented to SiGMA. Out of all the options presented and directions explored, the choice fell on the one which was considered the best.


Once the concept was chosen and the design was finalised it was time to move on to choosing the material and finish of the award itself. The material finally chosen was a black matt finish imposing professionalism.

Alternative Materials

A variety of materials and finishes were explored. Matt, gloss, brushed, etc ... We made sure to go the extra mile and present all types of materials and finishes so that the decision taken was not based on guesswork.

On the Event

Happy to have met the very tight deadline we had, the event itself was a very successful one. The new trophy was met by very positive reviews throughout the whole evening. This is another feather to add to our cap!

Alternative Concepts

Apart from the chosen design, various concepts were prepared. At IPOINT we make sure never to stop until the client is fully satisfied. All the various concepts were prepared and discussed with the client. We explored different thoughts, directions, and alternative materials. The concepts ranged from artistic to bolder statements. Some, like the bubble concept, was more fun and colourful. A lot of research went into this trophy creation.

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