MCAA Trophies

Malta Climate Action Awards 2021


Trophy Design, Concept and Production

November | 2021

The Malta Climate Action Awards was launched by the Ministry for Environment, Climate Change and Planning in 2021 as an initiative to recognise and celebrate groups and individuals for taking part in the fight against climate change all across Malta. The winners were awarded in 5 main categories. IPOINT INT was commissioned by MECP for custom design, conceptualisation and production of the award trophies. One requirement was to build the trophies from sustainably sourced or recycled materials.

The project started off with back and forth discussions, exchanges of ideas and presentations. Our design team conducted elaborate research to come up with the most suitable design ideas and concepts for the trophy. The project management side of the job needed to be handled with aptitude as it required involving different people within the project, managing the manufacturing procedures both in Malta and abroad, and in general, making sure that what we are envisioning could be produced within the required budget and timeframe.

The end result achieved was in line with our and our clients’ expectations - with premium quality and beautifully designed trophies that carried the significance of the award.

MCAA 2021

Research. Ideas. Concepts.


We believe that inspiration keeps creativity alive. During this project, our creative team came up with fresh concepts that were inspired by geometrical shapes, sheets of cut metal, reflective forms etc. Multiple concepts and ideas helped us and the client steer in the right creative direction.


Organic Forms Exploration

After research, idea generation and conceptualisation, the next step was to explore and experiment with the 3D objects. This organic exploration was a vital part of the process as it helped us understand what works and what doesn’t. A number of these organic forms were used in the final production of the trophies.

trophy-preview-1 trophy-preview-2 trophy-preview-3 trophy-preview-4

Trophy Designs

5-categories-trophy-no-text 5-categories-trophy-text
5 Categories Trophies

When designing the trophy that would belong to the major 5 categories of the award, we wanted something that would convey the message of sustainability very clearly. The trophy resembling the Earth itself served that purpose very well.

seed-green-trophy-no-text seed-green-trophy-text
Seed Green Trophies

Seed Green Trophies were awarded to winners in 1st, 2nd and 3rd places for an ongoing educational programme. The trophy resembled a sprouting seed and came in gold, silver and bronze colour variations to mark the winners’ positions.

main-crusader-trophy-view main-crusader-exploded-trophy-view
Climate Crusader Trophy

Climate Action Crusader is the primary category of the award where the trophy awarded will be passed from one person to the next, year after year. The trophy includes a gold sphere that marks the significance of the award.

small-crusader-trophy-no-text small-crusader-trophy-text
Small Crusader Trophy

Small Crusader Trophy is awarded to the same winner of the Climate Crusader Trophy, except this trophy is retained by the winner. This trophy can be regarded as a smaller version of the Climate Crusader Trophy.

public-vote-trophy-no-text public-vote-trophy-text
Public Vote Trophy

Public Vote Trophy features a flat golden circle with an arrow, indicating the rotation of the earth. This is a subtle reminder of recycling as well. This overall design of the trophy conveys an eco-friendly message to the audience.

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