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Website Frontend and Backend design

November | 2017

Commissioned by Laferla, a leading insurance provider in Malta, for the creation of their website frontend and backend design, the IPOINT team was very excited to embark on such a big project. A lot of research thought and work went into this creation, where the developers and designers from our team had to work hand in hand to make sure to reach the goal requested by the client. Laferla chose us for our expansive creativity, style of work, and processes that we follow and the ability to create the needed balance between design or aesthetics, function, and philosophy.


The first and most visited page within the website was required to present a balanced front, which at first glance helps define the company and its policies. The design created can be seen to be playful, and yet professionally instill a subliminal message of approachability and trust, which has throughout the years defined who Laferla is and their promise to their clients.

laferla-maintenance-graphic ferlu-trapped-graphic ferlu-OOOPS ferlu-with-tree
ferlu-about-graphic laferla-closed-vacancy-icon ferlu-info-graphic ferlu-contact-image

Ferlu is the animated mascot created by IPOINT for Laferla. The name of the bird has been derived from the family surname Laferla. The ideology behind it symbolizes a bird protected by the tree - which is what the tree and also Laferla is about! Give protection to its customers.









Max Protect


Horse Owners

Icon Set

All the icons are custom. Meticulously created, and looped to animate continuously over hover. The design was aimed at defining each product or policy whilst keeping the design within the website style.

Business Insurance

Large & Industrial Risks

Construction & Engineering

Cargo Insurance

Professional Indemnity

Employee Benefits & Group Cover

Business Icons

A secondary set of icons was also custom created for the business sector of the insurance policies. This was done to define and separate the business sector from the consumer sector.


For Laferla to be able to manage the website clients and policies a robust and custom platform was created that allows and enables both the Laferla administration team and the clients themselves, to manage and pay the purchased policy with features such as Coingate Crypto Payment Integration, Claims, Renew Pay once, Systems synchronization, Notification system, Quotes management, Clients management, and Third Party Integrations, that helps to simplify and minimize red tape from the comfort of one's home safely and securely.

Registration Steps

The website core needed a substantial revamp. Using UX/UI heavily helped us create a process that is simple and intuitive. With the help of AI, it helped define which questions to ask the client next based on the answer given before. A lot of thought was heavily placed to make sure that the user experience is nothing short of positive.

Services Pages Animations
Hover over the visual to see animation

Detailed custom graphics were chosen to help define and explain a policy in a playful manner. All crafted and animated to the highest of standards, which aims not only to define a policy but to portray the level of professionalism and detail that Laferla is a symbol of.

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