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Product Development and Marketing

January | 2020

iGaming NEXT, an industry-leading event management and content creation platform, approached us in early 2020 as they wanted to build a powerful online presence amidst the hit of Covid-19. Having worked with them previously on other projects, we were already familiar with their way of work. This time around, the challenge was to see through iGaming NEXT’s evolution and growth online with branding, co-creation of sub-brands, marketing and management to ensure a positive outcome of this heavy-duty project.

Embarking on this big project meant not only branding, marketing and creating attractive graphics, but working hand in hand with iGaming NEXT to create what would soon become some of the iconic products in the industry, such as iGaming NEXT Podcast, iGaming NEXT Power Hour, iGaming NEXT Webinar and iGaming NEXT: Online. Aside from our creative collaboration, the IPOINT INT. team also covered content creation, video and graphic works, IT support, social media management and more, wrapping our efforts into a one-stop-shop service.

iGaming Next Logo
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Logo Variations

Logo variations were used to sub-brand the products we created together with iGaming NEXT. The variations were based on different colours and product names while retaining the brand’s core design, which helped maintain both distinction and unanimity between each product.

iGaming Next Facebook Preview
Facebook cover design

Facebook covers, a part of the numerous graphical assets created by us, showed the products and our conjoined visions behind those products. This is why working on such graphical assets needed more than just great designs - which paved the creative direction together with iGaming NEXT.

iGaming Next Facebook Posts 1
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Social Media Post Pack

The social Media post-pack included custom graphical assets created on demand for daily and special event posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. The graphics were tailored around the brand, content, sponsors and featured guests while maintaining the rules and guidelines provided by the social platforms.

iGaming Next Video Preview
Youtube Marketing

YouTube marketing was a vital part of this project as most of iGaming NEXT’s products were released as videos on YouTube. We ensured the maximum outreach through proper editing, engaging intros and outros, acute descriptions and timestamps, keyword research and so on.

iGaming Next Fiona
Asset Creation

When creating graphical assets for social media, ensuring maximum quality was at the top of our priority list. One such example is our designers editing people’s photos to perfection to match the quality of the rest of the material. This means no matter how much time it took or how laborious the process was, we went that extra mile even for the tiniest detail.

iGaming Next Photo Retouching
Photo retouching

People’s photos were retouched to match the brand style, which often included but was not limited to the conversion to grayscale and careful isolation of the subject from the background.

iGaming Next Content Making
Content Making

Products, social posts, newsletters etc. were accompanied by engaging textual content that helped gain better SEO and consumer outreach while providing relevant information.

iGaming Next Post Design
Post Design

Each post followed a specific brand design style which created a unanimous look on socials and other outlets, making any content produced by iGaming NEXT instantly recognisable.

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iGaming Next
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