World Cannabis Summit


Branding and visual concept

February | 2019

Malta’s first Medical Cannabiz World Summit attracted more than 1,500 participants from complementary business sectors working on driving the medical cannabis sector forward. IPOINT INT Ltd. was asked by Medical Cannabiz World Summit to take care of the branding and visual concept for the newly launched summit. The idea of the summit was always at the forefront when our team created the brand and visual. Since the Medical Cannabiz World Summit has international participant attendance, our creative team made sure that the branding and visuals created resonate with everybody present and attending.

Cannabiz logo
Main logo

The Medical Cannabiz World Summit logo was required to portray the right tone-of-voice - i.e., the professional, scientific, and medical uses of the cannabis plant. The logo needed to display the true nature of the event being the merge between science and nature coming together to help in the medical field. The logo needed to send out a clear message that this was indeed the cannabis plant unambiguously being used for its medical properties.

Cannabiz brand icons

IPOINT's creative team, to define and create the Medical Cannabiz World Summit made use of distinct elements. The cannabis plant itself and the Florence laboratory flask were blended to create a unique, distinctive, and clean logo that defines the brand.


The logo colours were meticulously chosen to create a stable balance between fresh modern but still hint to the medical department. It was imperative to strike the right balance between the science aspect and the event aspect.

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