Argentarius Business Cards

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January | 2015

Argentarius is a European securitisation company that delivers flexible solutions to investment managers through new models of structured finance. When asked to start branding the company we took inspiration directly from the company’s name. The etymology of the word “Argento” (Silver) comes from the Latin “Argentum” and from the Greek “Argos” meaning bright or white. All of this was carried forward in the design of the business cards requested.

arg-card-1 arg-card-2

Taking inspiration from the company's name we started designing the business cards using colours like silver Pantone and applying materials like silver hot foil. We also created a series of diagonal lines to start building the company’s brand image making them immediately identifiable with Argentarius wherever they are seen. The result was that of giving the company a classic, solid, and refined look yet still keeping it aesthetically contemporary.


Since such an impactful, branded design was used we also wanted this to be carried on to the materials of the business card itself. Two thick layers of paper were used to render a firm and stable feel when one handles the business cards. The paper colours used further reinforced the company's brand.

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