Return On Investment (ROI) in simple terms is the profit an investor receives from his investment. ROI is important for making financial decisions as it provides foresight on whether an investment will be beneficial or not. Like any other investment, you should get a positive ROI on your website.

But how to reach a positive ROI on your website? The answer is simple – by getting visitors to stay. But to achieve that, you need to invest in a great website design that ticks all the boxes. A great website design matters the most when it comes to pulling people in and keeping them on your website. In this article, we will share some of the tactics on how you can create a great web design and achieve a positive ROI on your website.

The first impression is the last impression!

People are quick to judge, especially when you’re trying to sell a product. It takes them less than half a second to form an opinion about someone or something they see for the first time. The same is true when users make their first visit to a website. A study conducted by Taylor & Francis shows that it takes 0.05 seconds for visitors to form an opinion about a website.

The opinions visitors form at the first glance dictates whether they’ll want to stay on or leave your website. If the visitors decide to leave, you have zero chance of selling your products or services. And if they decide to stay, you’ll definitely have a better chance than zero.

What makes a good great first impression?

To make a great first impression on the visitors, you need to ensure that the website has a design that’s visually appealing to people. It’s as simple as that. But this brings us to the burning question – What do people want to see? From our experience as a web design company, we have gathered a few points that’ll help you understand the mindset of an average website visitor.

For a web design to be effective and appealing to the visitors, we keep in mind the following:

  • People want low visual complexity: A simple design with lots of white space and easy readability is a very effective web design strategy in most cases. Apco Tech and Quinel are some of the websites we created that are easy on the eye with simplistic designs.
  • People want the website to feel familiar: Most visitors expect your website to look like what they think it’s supposed to look like. This means that your website’s look and feel should match your business category. Take a look at our writing on Website Personalities to know more. 
  • People want websites to be quick: It’s really important that your website loads fast and never makes visitors wait longer than 3 seconds. Most people expect a website to load within 2 seconds and are likely to leave if it takes longer than 3. 
  • People want responsive websites: With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, gone are the days when people used only desktops to surf the internet. With this in mind, ensure that you have a responsive web design that’s fit screens of all sizes. Imagina Gaming is one such website where we put a special focus on responsive web design.

By nailing these key features, you can ensure that your website looks appealing to visitors and make a great first impression.

Attention! – How to grab it

After you make a great first impression, now it’s time to grab people’s attention, right away. To do this, you need to keep in mind that many visitors leave the website without scrolling down to the bottom. That’s why your website’s above-the-fold area needs to work the hardest to grab people’s attention.

Here are 5 above-the-fold elements that play a key role in grabbing the visitors’ attention:

  • Company logo: Make sure your company logo looks great and has all the right characteristics. Read The Good, The Better and The Great of Logo Design to know what makes a logo great and effective. Also, check out some of our notable logo designs below.
  • Main navigation: Main navigation menu should well serve its primary purpose – to make it easy for people to surf the website. 
  • Banner image: A website banner should have an aesthetically pleasing design with a descriptive headline and content that gives useful information for your business.
  • Written content: Written content should be engaging, catchy and short. An average visitor spends only 5 seconds reading content while most of the attention is given to the actual design. So it’s wise to keep written content to a need-to-read basis only.  
  • Layout design: When it comes to website layout, you should always keep it simple and familiar so the visitors don’t have to figure anything out.

By ensuring these 5 vital points, you can catch the visitor’s attention and drastically reduce your website’s bounce rate.

As a web design company, our job is to make sure that our client’s brand is represented in the best possible light. Over the years, we have implemented the above-mentioned tactics and beyond to create websites that greatly convert and takes our clients’ business reputation to a whole new level. If you would like to know more about effective and converting web design or would like to make an appointment, feel free to contact us.