Let’s dive right into it.

There are a lot of misconceptions about what is the best practice in logo design. Many people think that a logo has to say a lot about what the company does, that it should include a symbol or that a logo has to be likeable or timeless. All of these are actually not true.

As logo designers, we have created hundreds of logos for our clients which elevated their branding and customer outreach quite drastically. Learning from our experience, we will share 3 simple factors that experienced logo design agencies like IPOINT INT implement to come up with great and effective business logos.

Capturing the right feeling

A logo has to be appropriate. But this doesn’t mean that it has to express a lot about the company or its branding. An appropriate logo embodies the right personality, idea or in general the right feeling. It’s the core philosophy of the service.

If your company deals with sports, the logo needs to be bold and dynamic. It needs to ooze bravery and courage to the audience. If you’re in fashion, the logo should be elegant and create a feeling of luxury and poshness in people. An appropriate logo always captures the right feeling for the brand.

For example, take a look at some of the business logos we designed to fit its industry –

  1. Games/Startup – Imagina
  2. Architecture – MA Architects & Let Buy Mark
  3. iGaming and Casino – SiGMA, Yobetit and Betzest
  4. Medical Services – Medilink
  5. Tech/Elevators – Vertibus

When a logo fails to embody the right brand personality, it fails to establish the right mood and it doesn’t help you look as professional as your competitors.

A little bit unusual

A good logo is a distinctive and memorable logo. It needs to be unusual enough to impress people’s minds. It needs to be something that you look at once or twice and then you can describe it to someone, or doodle it on a piece of paper – so simplicity is also a key here. Often time, the best logos are easy to draw.

Feel free to take a look at the logo of one of our clients, SiGMA. Do you think you can describe it to someone after seeing it a few times? We believe you can.

Keep it real, keep it simple

In most cases, a simple logo design is the best logo design. And there are good practical reasons for that. Simple logos can be easily reproduced. Whether you’re printing it out on paper or other physical materials, it will drastically reduce the cost. And when you have to make hundreds, if not thousands of prints, you will see a noticeable difference in cost.

MA Architects, Vertibus and Medilink are some of the easily memorable business logos we created with this simplistic design approach in mind.

When reproducing the logo online, there are several benefits of a simple logo design as well. Complex logos can create difficulties when changing the logo format, size and dimensions, or when converting it to monochrome. It can also disturb the visual hierarchy when placed with other brand elements.

Final words

When designing a logo, you need the ask these simple questions – Who is your audience? What is unique about your products/service? What other brands do you like and can draw inspiration from? What is the tone of your brand’s voice, such as luxurious/elegant, bold/brave, care/empathy etc.? The magic happens when you strike a good balance between these elements. When you take these simple factors into account, designing a great logo is just as easy as pie.