An expo stand communicates your brand’s essence to the audience at a single glance. An innovative expo stand will help ensure a good first impression on the clients. By being original and creative with technology, branding elements and design, you can completely reinvent how your business presents itself.

A fresh and original concept stands out in the crowd. But it also comes with certain challenges. When designing a bespoke stand, thorough planning is a must. For example, you need to have a clear understanding of the budget, deadline, availability of materials and technology etc.

Designing, branding, project management and construction – these are some of the aspects that should be adequately dealt with when building a bespoke expo stand.

Areas matter

Depending on the type of your interaction with the prospects, an expo stand can be sectioned into different areas. A front lounge area with high tables is casual and non-committal. On the other hand, secluded or semi-secluded meeting rooms are more committal. These rooms are created for private discussions. Correct distribution of space will help you accommodate the right prospects and get maximum value out of the exhibition.

How to distribute the space wisely?

To help properly distribute the space, we ask our clients what outcome they want from their exhibitions.

Sometimes brands are looking to expose themselves with casual interactions with their customers. In such a case, it’s a good idea to allocate the majority of the stand’s space for an open lounge area. The lounge area can have game and cocktail tables. This will create an inviting setting for the customers.

“We aim to take the stress and strain of exhibition planning away from you”.

Antoine Vella, CEO, IPOINT INT LTD

Companies that are more interested in business meetings can accommodate their prospects/clients in full or semi-partitioned private rooms. These rooms can be partitioned with half-transparent glasses. This allows people outside to be aware of whether the rooms are occupied or not.

An expo stand can be multi-storeyed if space allows

A two-storeyed expo stand is called a double-decker. At Interlift Expo 2019, available height allowed us to build a two-storey high stand with a functional lift on board. This expo stand was built for the lift design and manufacturing company Vertibus. This custom concept paired with full utilisation of the space made the overall stand synonymous with their brand image and what they do in their industry.

Blueprint + budget + deadline = success

Before moving on to the construction phase, it’s necessary to make sure that the blueprint of the expo stand is flawless. All parties involved should agree upon the structure and design elements. The budget and deadline should be kept in mind, otherwise, the whole operation could be compromised.

3D Conceptualisation can help accurately visualise the stand. It also helps make the necessary adjustments before the plan is set in stone.

What makes a poorly designed expo stand?

With years in exhibitions, we understand the biggest issue with poorly designed stands. Most of the time, the companies take care of the stands by themselves, with little to no prior knowledge of building stands. Without help from experts, it can become overwhelming. Properly coordinating between different third parties including but not limited to designers, constructors, caterers etc. can be difficult. This becomes more cumbersome when there’s limited time in hand.

We offer complete peace of mind by helping our clients with all of their stand needs. We handle everything, from the stand design to the actual construction. We have our own trusted suppliers that provide us with high-quality materials. We guarantee that the project will be delivered on time and on budget. We also help with anything in between, such as but not limited to, stand furniture acquisition, video explainers, fliers, business cards, roll-ups, any branded giveaways and much more.