In a world dominated by digital marketing, websites, apps and other forms of virtual communications, business cards are one of the few personal touches remaining in the digital world. While the business world keeps moving more and more toward the virtual environment, the impact of business cards still remains undeniable. This small piece of paper not only gives valuable information at a glance but also creates the fastest impression of your business. 

Below we discuss some powerful impacts created by business cards. 

Business cards make a powerful impression

Business cards make a massive statement about you or your business in a matter of just a few seconds. With an attractive and unique design, you can make yourself instantly stand out. And the sky is the limit if you have a great designer on board with you to design the card. 

The key to wowing your clients is to create an original design that instantly captures attention and aligns with your position and the type of your business while providing all relevant information. For example, a graphic designer might have a very different card design, layout and sets of data than an accountant. 

The design also should be relevant to the company’s branding. For example, when designing the business cards for Argentarius, a European securitisation company, we took inspiration from the company’s name by using colours like silver Pantone and applying materials like silver hot foil. Check out the case study here

Effortless direct marketing

Digital marketing has a lot of edge over traditional marketing, but it requires a sizable effort and time. That’s why nothing beats the quick exchange of business cards at trade shows and exhibitions along with a smile and a handshake. The warmth of such physical interaction can not be replicated in the virtual environment. 

Also, in a time when everyone is focusing on digital marketing, the use of business cards for good old-fashioned direct marketing can bring a breath of fresh air that will help you stand out from the crowd. 

Reliance and legitimacy

A business card quickly builds trust by providing information about you and your business. It’s an official copy of contact and other information and somewhat of a proof of interaction with your clients, which gives them a lot of assurance, knowing that they can reach out to you easily. 

Also, when people deal with brands that don’t have well-established reputations, they judge them by their appearance. A quality business card will ensure them of the quality they are expecting from your brand. 

Business cards spread your brand

Business cards contain your business’s name, logo, advertising and contact information and more – all of which you would want to expose to as many people as possible. When you are giving it out, you are reinforcing your brand to your clients and imprinting it into their memory. This establishes your brand and makes it more identifiable. 

In order to use business cards as a tool for spreading your brand, make sure that the design of the card reflects and compliments the business’s main branding. 

At IPOINT INT, we can help you accomplish all of the above-mentioned points with business cards. Our in-house designers are experienced in evaluating your position, business type and industry, goals, personal preference etc. to create powerful and original business card designs that will surely create a mark on your clients and prospects. So let’s talk!